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Running with CI

Measuring achievements in running
Running and Continuous Improvement

What does Continuous Improvement and Running have in common?

I like to run and I admit that seeing the race as a metaphor for Continuous Improvement can be a little skewed.

But follow me for a minute (not on the race, just the rationale):

We are all capable of running as we are capable of improving, and we have certainly done both in our lives, but how do we become a runner or a CI professional and make it part of who we are? of either a way of life?

How many of us, set unreachable goals and then break them down into small achievable milestones, week after week, adjusting plans to make sure we meet them?

How many seek partners who, like us, go out into the street, day after day, under the burning sun or the rain to get closer to those goals?

How many search for adequate equipment, books, advice, in the hopes that it will teach them to go further, faster?

Continuous Improvement, like in running, its all about aligning to a goal, obtaining competences, and join teams with similar goals.

Lets run!!

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